Monday, July 25, 2011

David Ball @ Modern Eden: The New Surrealism

“The New Surrealism : A Collection of Strange”. Modern Eden invited selected artists to submit works in homage to the strange and weird, reflecting the evolving future of surrealism in the modern age. Exhibiting artists include: Steve Bartlett, Bonni Reid, Sandra Yagi, David Ball, Lee Harvey Roswell, Vahge, Adriana Michelle Mekan, Lacey Bryant, Lance Hewison, Michelle Waters, Moises Hergueta, Christine Benjamin, Kieran Collins, Emilio Villalba, Anderson Lewis, Andy B. Clarkson, Natasha Dikareva, Archer Dougherty, Samuel Araya, Baldur Helgason, and David Camisa. Click the icon below for more info.

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