Sunday, July 26, 2015

111 Minna AMOR FATI - David Ball, Jeremy Nichols & Alex Gardner (9/4-9/26)

Amor Fati [“love of fate” - “love of one’s fate”] is an exhibition of mixed media works on panel by artist David Ball that illustrate other worldly dreamscapes composes of an endless trove of carefully selected images and sourced materials.

This is David’s second major show with 111 Minna Gallery since late 2011. Additionally, the gallery is proud to introduce intricate mixed media works on paper by Jeremy Nichols accompanied by the stunning oil on canvas paintings of Alex Gardner in their inaugural creative endeavor with 111 Minna.
All three artists deliver a precise narrative extracted from their unique individual perspectives both with aesthetic intention, but also as seemingly well versed participants as conduits of their subconscious. The result is thoughtfully executed and dreamlike environments ruled by subjects and scenery comprised of organic compounds of complex mystical structure.

For press inquiries and information please contact the curator Micah LeBrun:
111 Minna St. San Francisco CA 94105 | (415) 974-1719

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